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Why everyone should see live Orchestra at least once...

Updated: May 4, 2020

I’ve decided, we are really lucky here in the North East, why? Well, as well as super friendly people, un-crowded cities and jaw dropping landscapes we also have the Sage Gateshead...what exactly is that you ask? Sage Gateshead is an international music centre and renowned conference and event venue located in the North East of England. Designed by renowned architects Foster + Partners and it’s also home to the wonderful Royal Northern Sinfonia.

I’d never considered myself to be a fan of the orchestra, sure I can appreciate the classics but going to see a live performance, that’s just for old people right? Wrong...

It all started late 2019; I’d received some tickets to see RNS Nights Out (Royal Northern Sinfonia), the music of Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland with a huge live orchestra. It was mega! The Sage is purpose built for this and one of the best places for orchestral performers in the UK. My friends and I were blown away...

Fast forward to 29th February 2020 and I’m invited to a bloggers night at Sage for another show that was bound to impress, again the RNS Nights Out series this time Hollywood Heroes... The impressive orchestra playing the top tunes from the movies, we were in for a treat.

The venue for our evening, Sage One, the main hall and it was packed out! But what surprised me was the lack of stuffiness, the mix of people, ages and the huge array of glittering instruments on the stage waiting to burst into life! Excitement built as the musicians took their seats, a range of ages all suitably decked out in tuxedos and evening attire, this was certainly a glamorous occasion!

The conductor appears to a rapturous applause, he is there to lead the show and effortlessly he proceeds to guide the musicians. Introducing each familiar piece of music we feel like we are in the movies! As Hans Zimmer’s Gladiator starts and builds... the power of the music allows us to sense how Maximus must have felt facing those lions and the roaring crowd, epic.

From powerful to playful we also hear Michael Giacchino and the music from The Incredibles. The shear amount of instruments involved in this piece is astonishing from bass drums to xylophones and even the humble triangle, everything plays its part.

At break time we enjoy a refreshing gin and tonic and have the opportunity to meet some of the musicians. We meet Alannah a young violinist from Boston USA who having studied music in London mentions the Sage is the best place to perform outside of London #adoptedgeordie. Then there’s Mike, he plays the Oboe and it turns out he lives down the road from me #smallword. It’s fabulous to see young people having the opportunity to play in this stunning ensemble and it’s right on our doorstep!

It’s not just Newcastle and Gateshead that get to see this, RNS play across the North and often in other locations outside the grand halls so it’s worth checking where they might be near you.

Before this experience I don’t think I fully appreciated or thought much about the skill and coordination that goes into each piece of music, and seeing it performed live...well it was just wonderful.

So the next time you are sitting in front of your TV watching the next epic or an old classic just think about how it came about, the people behind the music. Seeing that amount of talent in one night, everyone must experience it at least once!

Next up for RNS Nights Out, the Music of Elton John, this time with singing, so if you fancy a night at the Orchestra this might be a good one to start with https://sagegateshead.com/whats-on/rns-nights-out-the-music-of-elton-john-50-years-of-your-song/

It worth pointing out that the two events I’ve mentioned are some of the most popular however, you can experience this orchestra at one of the less packed events and tickets start from just £5... At less than the price of a cinema ticket why not do something you’ll really remember. https://sagegateshead.com/royal-northern-sinfonia/whats-on/

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